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G31 Burner Replacement Parts

Model: SV-47
Real Fyre Replacement Valve Control, for 2VT..
$366.30 $407.00
Model: SV-45
Real Fyre Control Body for G45 ANSI -02 burners...
from $342.90 from $381.00
Model: AR-02-1
Real Fyre Remote Receiver Box for EPK-2Includes:Remote ReceiverBattery BoxMetal Heat Shield Assembly..
$262.80 $292.00
Model: IMP-6
Real Fyre Control Module/Remote Receiver for a 2VT valve system. * SPECIAL ORDER - Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery..
$221.40 $246.00
Model: IMP-1
Replacement ignition pack for all older Real Fyre Pine Cone ignition systems and newer,- 01, -01V and -02 ignition systems...
$192.60 $214.00
Model: SV-37
Real Fyre replacement valve body only for APK-17 valves...
$172.80 $192.00
Model: VR-1A
Standard variable flame height remote control for all -15 and -17 valves. (Includes receiver, transmitter, batteries and plastic cover)..
$133.20 $148.00
Model: SV-19
Real Fyre Replacement control valve..
$110.70 $123.00
Model: PAC-11
Real Fyre Pilot Ignitor Assembly..
$105.30 $117.00
Model: PAC-18
Real Fyre Pilot Assembly for EPK-2VT Control Valve, Natural..
$94.50 $105.00
Model: AT-V1-1
Variable on/off remote only *Batteries not included..
$90.90 $101.00
Model: WH-10
Real Fyre replacement wiring harness for all EPK-02 valves only...
$79.20 $88.00
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