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Epic Burner See-Thru Replacement Parts

Model: RR-1A
Standard ON/OFF remote control for all APK-10 and -11 and EPK-01 electronic valves. (Includes receiver, transmitter, batteries and plastic cover)..
$109.80 $122.00
Model: AT-R1-1
Includes basic on/off remote only. *Batteries not included. ..
$76.50 $85.00
Model: HS-36
Real Fyre Decorative Heat Shield for APK-11, APK-15, APK-17 and 01 control valves...
$45.90 $51.00
Model: SW-2
Real Fyre replacement toggle switch for Real Fyre valve units that use a toggle switch.   (Vented or Vent Free)..
$33.30 $37.00
Model: PZ-1
Real Fyre Push Button Piezo Spark Generator..
$18.00 $20.00
Model: DC-1
This clamp holds the fireplace damper open to make sure it does not fully close on vented gas log sets.  This is a must replace item if damaged or missing. ..
$14.40 $16.00
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